Shire Professional Connection


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Our Story

Early in 2018, a group of professionals started meeting to discuss the future of the Sutherland Shire, the pressures on businesses and professionals and particularly the lack of support for those who operate in a higher capacity. 

It seemed that bigger businesses assumed that you had to travel to the city for the right service or product. It was very much the same when it came to education, i.e. go to the city or miss out.

Finding talented and educated staff was another concern we had and fighting the perception that all the good employers are located in the city.  

What was missing? Professionals and business owners coming together to collaborate and create meaningful relationships. There are many networking groups for business but none that specifically cater to professionals and medium to large businesses. 

Shire Professional Connection was then formed, with the aim to help Sutherland Shire Professionals and businesses harvest and maintain professional talent in the area, remind businesses that to find professional help you don’t need to travel to the city and likewise for professionals to be successful that they don’t need to work in the city. We are a group designed for professionals and business owners where the level of knowledge and experience of members are of a high standard, meaning relationships and discussions are also pre-vetted to be valuable and beneficial.


Foundation Members

Nathan 1.jpg


Nathan Rigney

Nathan Rigney, a local Accountant who believes strongly in the Sutherland Shire and the importance of connecting with others who feel the same. Nathan operates and owns an Accounting Firm in Caringbah, assisting his clients clear the confusion and frustration that Accounting often brings out in those in businesses. 



B Comm, Accounting and Business Law 2009

Certified Practicing Accountant, 2012

Activities & Affiliations

• Principle of NGR Accounting Pty Ltd
• Experienced and held NFP Board Positions




Graham (standing).jpg


Graham Taylor

Financial Planner and business owner. Graham lives in Caringbah and runs his business from Caringbah thus he epitomises the virtues that the SPC stands for. Busy Shire professionals and business owners don't have the requisite time to spend on their personal financial affairs. Graham's business is well positioned as an outsource solution to tap into. He's always happy to explain what this means so come along to our next event.  



Bachelor of Business, Financial Planning Major, 2005

CFP, Certified Financial Planner, 2010

Activities & Affiliations

  • Principle of Touchpoint Financial
  • Financial Planning Association




communications leader

Johnathan Elcombe

Johnathan is an expert in forms, mainly digital forms & migrating from paper-based forms to digital. From form creation process through to implementation, having clients within the Healthcare, Hospitality, Aged Care, Occupational Health & Safety & Construction Industries. Johnathan is a big believer in the Sutherland Shire, and hopes his skill set can help the Shire pull together a stronger and more unified business community.  




Activities & Affiliations

• Ethics educator and teacher